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Scooters and Power Chairs

At Mobility Repair Services, we often have great pre-loved scooters and power chairs all fully serviced and ready to go. If you cannot fine something on these pages, give us a call and we may have exactly what you are looking for.

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brand new Merits Aurora s2 hill climber


$5,200.00 Ex Tax: $5,200.00

This Merits Aurora S2 is brand new with 12 months warranty, these are the perfect large scooter for hill climbing or larger size user. It's a  luxury scooter with usb capable  phone charger socket, digital dash with temp..

brand new merits eclipse s2


$4,200.00 Ex Tax: $4,200.00

this is a merits eclipse s2 brand new comes in 3 colours this lime green and blue and red its a large mid size with high clearance and separate mudguards,digital display with time temp and speed with battery indicator,very nice sc..

Preloved shoprider pull apart type scooter


$550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

This is pull apart type shoprider travel  shopping scooter  pulls down to 4 x smaller lite pieces .Its in great condition, it's priced well at $550..

preloved ctm hs580


$650.00 Ex Tax: $650.00

this is a ctm hs580 one of the strongest mid size scooters there is,often found in rentals in shopping centres etc.large 45 amp batteries for a 40 klm range...

Preloved ctm, hs588 mi size


$1,300.00 Ex Tax: $1,300.00

ctm hs588 in excellent  condition, very smooth and quiet to drive  lt has indicators and headlamp hi lo switch. etc swivel recline and fwd back seat . 3 months warranty. only $1300..

Preloved folding travel pride gogo 4 wheeler


$650.00 Ex Tax: $650.00

This is a pride go go  model travel folding scooter in great condition very easy to fold down into smaller light pieces virtually a no maintenance scooter, with new batteries 12 month warranty .Its in great condition, it's pr..

Preloved invacare auriga


$800.00 Ex Tax: $800.00

 Preloved invacare auriga in excellent condition these are an older very robust mid size scooter so can fit on bus,train public transport,3 months parts and lab warranty.priced well at $800..

Preloved large acme Power Chair


$700.00 Ex Tax: $700.00

This is a large 6 wheel acme power chair for inside and outside use  with new batteries 12 month warranty ,lifting  back joy stick for dinner time reaching into tables etc.In great condition, it's priced well at $700..

preloved pride 140 xl


$3,200.00 Ex Tax: $3,200.00

preloved pride pathrider 140 xl in yellow.very quick and powerful scooter for hill climb or heavy user weight.and this is one of the largest scooters available very soft suspension swivel fwd back and recline seat with dial up lum..

Preloved pride celebrity


$750.00 Ex Tax: $750.00

pride celebrity mid size compact scooter by one of the best scooter makers ,very smooth and quick scooter in excellent condition ..3 months warranty. only $750..

Preloved pride pathrider 10 pull apart


$750.00 Ex Tax: $750.00

This is a pride pathrider 10 pull apart larger scooter, solid tyres for peace of mind have 2 to choose from ,In great condition,for retirement village and loading in the boot to go shopping,.it's priced well at $750..

Preloved pride quest folding scooter


$1,700.00 Ex Tax: $1,700.00

This is a Preloved pride quest folding scooter, with little use just folds with 1 button and goes in the boot,very stable and easy to use $1700..

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