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Scooters and Power Chairs

At Mobility Repair Services, we often have great pre-loved scooters and power chairs all fully serviced and ready to go. If you cannot fine something on these pages, give us a call and we may have exactly what you are looking for.

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bmobile large wheel version scooter


$450.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

bmobile large wheel version scooter not in great cosmetic condition but goes well and tyres and seat also very good $450..

brand new Merits Aurora s2 hill climber


$5,200.00 Ex Tax: $5,200.00

This Merits Aurora S2 is brand new with 12 months warranty, these are the perfect large scooter for hill climbing or larger size user. It's a  luxury scooter with usb capable  phone charger socket, digital dash with temp..

brand new merits eclipse s2


$4,200.00 Ex Tax: $4,200.00

this is a merits eclipse s2 brand new comes in 3 colours this lime green and blue and red its a large mid size with high clearance and separate mudguards,digital display with time temp and speed with battery indicator,very nice sc..

Preloved shoprider pull apart type scooter


$550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

This is pull apart type shoprider travel  shopping scooter  pulls down to 4 x smaller lite pieces .Its in great condition, it's priced well at $550..

preloved ambience scooter large


$1,250.00 Ex Tax: $1,250.00

preloved ambience scooter large wheeled heavy duty and smooth and fast to operate $1250..

preloved australian made marlin


$550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

preloved australian made marlin these are bullet proof two motor scooters ,old but works well and an easy detatchabe canopy $550..

preloved ctm hs2800 power chair


$850.00 Ex Tax: $850.00

preloved ctm hs2800 power chair 6 wheeled stable and very easy to use $850..

preloved ctm hs580


$650.00 Ex Tax: $650.00

this is a ctm hs580 one of the strongest mid size scooters there is,often found in rentals in shopping centres etc.large 45 amp batteries for a 40 klm range...

Preloved ctm hs589 mid size scooter


$1,400.00 Ex Tax: $1,400.00

This is a Preloved ctm HS589 IN AS NEW CONDITION A MID SIZE SCOOTER WITH THE 4 POLE POWER OF THE LARGE CTM SCOOTER,water proof top panel mirrors large wheels  $1400..

preloved ctm, hs588 mi size


$550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

ctm hs588 in FAIR condition, very smooth and quiet to drive  lt has indicators and headlamp hi lo switch. etc swivel recline and fwd back seat . 3 months warranty. only $550..

preloved glide 9 power chair


$1,500.00 Ex Tax: $1,500.00

preloved glide 9 power chair with electronic tilt,very quick and sturdy australian made power chair $1500..

preloved heartway aviator large scooter


$1,800.00 Ex Tax: $1,800.00

preloved heartway aviator,these are very big wheeled fast and smooth powerful scooter easilly play golf with one of these all the usual add ons and canopy.$1800..

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